SB Polo & Wine Festival | Soul Dust Productions
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Velanche is the founder of the San Luis Obispo-based DJ/music collective, Soul Dust Productions: friends, music lovers and fans whose love of good music and DJ culture is shared with the SLO community.


A “soul boy at heart,” Velanche’s musical tastes are eclectic, but veer on the leftfield side of music, with influences from funk to jazz, from conscious hip-hop to worldbeats.


For 17 years, until 2015, Velanche was a DJ on KCPR, Cal Poly State University’s student-run radio station, having hosted his signature show Urban Landscapes, and also one of the co-founders of Club 91, now 14 years of keeping club culture strong.


Velanche will soon bring back Urban Landscapes as a music podcast, having established relations throughout the years with independent music industry professionals from well regarded labels such as Tru Thoughts (UK), Ubiquity (USA), Compost (Germany), as well as other independent music ambassadors representing a variety of other labels and artists.  Also, he’s been exploring music production, and strives to find his calling with creating beats and grooves.



Jungle Cat got his start spinning records at the age of 3, playing his parents’ collection on a tiny portable turntable.  He started his own collection that year, with “Upside Down” by Diana Ross on 45.  At age 5 he got his first drumkit and would spend hours banging along to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”  Showing a strong love for soulful music at such an early age, it was no surprise when, many years later, he and a crew of like-minded comrades started The Budos Band—a 10-piece instrumental act known for fusing influences as disparate as Black Sabbath and Fela Kuti.  Switching over from drumkit to conga, he developed his own style, feeling the groove and staying in the pocket—an approach he now brings to the turntables as a selector.  After moving to San Luis Obispo from his native New York, he turned to DJing as a way to stay involved in music, make friends, and share his love of music with the community.  Jungle Cat is a founding member of Soul Dust Productions, and is the creator of Boogie Night, a monthly post-disco party in downtown SLO.



As in avid collector of music starting in the early 90s with underground hip-hop and U.K. techno, Jason has always found a way to make music an integral part of his life. From being involved in the mid-90s rave and club scene, to scoring film shorts, and more recently being involved in both the SLO Record Swap and a central member of Soul Dust Productions. He is both a long time vinyl enthusiast, while staying up to date with current music technology. He has made DJing his main creative output since 2006.